Stylus provides Inbuilt functions that provide

  • color functions
  • path functions
  • List functions
  • Unit Functions
  • Math Functions
  • String functions
  • Console functions
  • Utility functions
  • External File functions

Stylus Color functions

Color functions provide, parse and manipulate different colors and returns

Functions Description
red(#fff) red color an given color
blue(#0ef) blue color an given color code
green(#0ef) green color an given color code
alpha(#0ef) Gives Alpha value for given color code
dark(#0ef) return true, color is dark.else return false
light(#0ef) return true, color is light color.else return false
hue(#0ef,45deg) return hue color
saturation(#0ef,45deg) return saturation color
lightness(#0ef,45deg) return lightness color
hsla(#0ef,45deg) convert given color to hsla color
hsl(#0ef,45deg) return hue color
rgba(255,255,0,.5) return rgba for a given r.g.b.a values
rgb(255,255,0,.5) Convert rgb to hexa color code
invert(#fff) invert of a given color

Other function

Other functions are in progress.