This tutorial covers popular functions of an LESS CSS framework

LESS CSS Functions

function  Description  
lightenLighten version of an given color
darkenDark color of an given color
mixMix the colors of two into single color
spin used to rotates the hue color
saturatesaturate the given color
desaturatedesaturate the given color
lightnesslightness of an given color
saturationsaturation of an given color
percentageConvert given decimal to percentage value
roundRounding on given number
ceilceil on given number
floorfloor on given number
minminimum on given list of numbers
maxmaximum on given list of numbers
rgbCreate rgb colors for an given number
rgbaCreate rgba colors for an given number

lighten and darken functions in LESS CSS

@main-color: green;
background-color: lighten(@main-color, 10%);
border-color: darken(@main-color, 10%);

Output CSS

background-color: #5faee3;
border-color: #217dbb;