Normal button

<a class="button is-primary">Primary</a>
<a class="button is-link">Link</a>
<a class="button is-info">Info</a>
<a class="button is-success">Success</a>
<a class="button is-warning">Warning</a>
<a class="button is-danger">Danger</a> ```


### prerequisite

You need to know basic  HTML and CSS  languages.

### Features and advantages

- Easy to use and simple to learn
- Opensource and support major browsers
- Mobile-first design
- Flexbox integrated grid system
- Responsive design
- Modular - use required features only
- NPM integration
- It supports modular design
- SASS and SCSS support
- Customization is very easy
- JavaScript is not required, Everything is coded in CSS

### Disadvantages 

- performance and compatible issues in IE11
- It is a new entrant and not a large community compared with other frameworks
- the framework is in development, and the final version is in processing

### Components list and examples

Feature | Description 
--- | --- | 
[`Grid basics`](#)| provides variables to store and use in multiple places 
[`Tables`](#)| Data types allow specifying the allowed values for a variables 
`Typography`| Allows reusing the styles
`Buttons`| provides arithmetic operators