What is an SQL Database?

SQL is a relational database used to store different types of structural data. It uses Structural Query Language (SQL) to create, save, update, and read the data.

SQL Database also called relational Databases, stores structured Tables, schemas, Rows, and columns data. Example databases are MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, and SQLite.

Difference between SQL and NoSQL Databases?

Here is a comparison of both languages.

SQL LanguageNoSQL Language
Stores Structured and relation dataStores Unstructured data

Types NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases are categorized as per data models, These are optimized for the performance and scaling of any type of data.

  • Key value pairs:
  • Document Oriented Database
  • Graph Database
  • In Memory Databases
  • Search Index

SQL Advantages

  • Highly Flexible
  • Data Consistency with ACID complaint
  • Performance Optimization with indexes
  • Relationships between the data

when to use SQL database

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