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Operating System are software or programs that manage hardware components and software program, provides runtime environment to run other programs and end users

It manages all Pieces of software on any device.

Each device must runs on Operating Systems

Operating Systems examples

Below diagram shows OS examples

flowchart TD OS --> Windows OS --> MacOS OS --> Linux OS --> Android OS --> IOS OS --> Others click MacOS "/macos-tutorials" "Apple MacOS tutorials and examples" _blank
  • Windows:
    • Developed by Microsoft based on GUI,
    • Runs on Laptop and desktops,
    • Used for Personal, Workstation Server
  • Linux:
    • Developed by Red hat Linux, based on GUI and Command line.
    • Runs on Desktops and Laptop.
    • Used for Personal, Business Work server, and Server hosting.
  • MacOS:
    • Developed by Apple,
    • Runs on Laptops, Desktops,
    • Used for personal and development servers.
  • Android:
    • Developed by Google,
    • Runs on Mobiles and tablets.
    • Used for running apps on Small Devices such as phones, tablets and watches.
  • iOS :
    • Developed by Apple
    • Runs on phones, pads and watches
    • Used for running on iPhone, iPad and touch screens
  • Others - Unix, Ubuntu, Symbian, Chrome OS, Firefox OS

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