Es10 tutorials

Es10, also known as ECMAScript 2019, is the most recent javascript language to be released in 2019.

ES10. TC39 is the approving committee to add features to javascript. The same features already ported to javascript engines like V8(Nodejs) and spidermonkey


Basic Javascript with programming experience required.

Latest ES10 Features

The following is the list of latest javascript features in 2019.

BigInt primitive TypeIntroduced BigInt to accommodates arbitary precission data
Dynamic ImportImports modules at runtime or conditional expression
well formed JSON stringifyJSON stringify is enhanced to support unicode characters
Array.Flat[flatMap] methodIntroduced Flat methods in Array
String.trimStart[trimEnd,matchAll]Trim start and end methods
Object.fromEntriesfromEntries in object supports
Standardized globalThis objectEnables Unified access to global object across multiple devices
Function.prototype.toStringtoString is new method introduced
Symbol.prototype.descriptiondescription property introduced to debug symbol objects
Optional catch bindingAllows to optional catch binding