ES6 features

ES6 also called ES2015 alias EcmaScript2015 is the latest JavaScript language released in June 2016.

ES6 is a major release with list of following features release

constantsConstants are not reassignable once assigned a valueconst RATE=10
Array FunctionsNew array constructor and functions introduced in ES6
Default parameters to functionsDefault parameters to functions
Destructuring AssignmentsDestructuring assignments of an object Arrays examples
ES6 Classes and ConstructorsClass and Constructors examples
Spread OperatorSpread Operator example
New for loopsES6 For loops
ES6 variable and functional ScopesJavascript global, functional, local scopes of variables and functions
Import and ExportReuse functions and classes using import and export
Variable declaration let and varDifferent ways of declare an variable in javascript
Multi Line String examplesString multi-line examples in javascript
Object Literal Syntax exampleObject Literal Declaration and assignment syntax examples
Javascript PromiseJavascript promise and async tutorials

Are all browsers supported by the ES6 version?

Yes, all the latest browsers support the ES06 version, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Does Chrome use ES6?

Chrome began supporting ES6 in version 52, including features such as exponentiation and array includes. The latest version of Chrome supports all features of ES7.

What is ES6 JavaScript?

ECMAScript 2015, also known as ES6, is the latest feature addition to JavaScript, introducing new features. It includes only minor releases and is implemented in V8 and TypeScript.