GNU EMACS is a text editor popular in Linux flavor operation Systems.

It is a popular free open-source editor, that supports Unix, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Originally, it was developed for Unix OS, but later it was ported to a different OS.

GNU EMACS features

  • Command-line based as GUI Based
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Multiple windows with buffers supported
  • Search, find, and replace text capabilities
  • Auto indentation
  • Autocomplete with limited support
  • String case conversion lower and upper
  • Less Memory consumed
  • Calendar
  • Code Debugger
  • IRC Clients
  • Newsreader
  • Package extensions

What is Emacs editor used for?

Emacs is a popular text editor used in all OS.

It is small in size lightweight and fast compared with other editors in Linux. We can open multiple files at once, easy to navigate between them

Emacs editor advantages

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Can extend and customizable
  • Easy to extend and add features
  • Best editor for opening larger files
  • Command centric and everything supplies using commands and it works best in Unix

Is Emacs better than Vim?

Emacs is a simple interface, Vim is difficult to learn initially. Popularity VIM is better than Emacs.