This tutorial and course series cover an introduction to the web3.js framework.

What is a Web3.js?

web3.js is a javascript framework utility library to connect with local or remote Ethereum nodes using HTTP, IPC, and WebSocket protocols.

Smart contracts are a code that is deployed and runs in a blockchain network node.

You can access tokens and blockchain resources using this library in javascript applications.

It acts as a middleman between Web or mobile UI and Contract code running blockchain

web3js Advantages

  • Helps developers to test the solidity contract to deploy and test in the local Ethereum network
  • It provides debugging to find out such as stack trace, logging, and error
  • This framework is customizable and extendable to add extra features
  • Supports typescript to have typed language support for catching an error during compile time.
  • Opensource and community support
  • Easy integration and extendable with plugins

web3js Disadvantages

  • Learning curve exists for the non-javascript developer as Basic knowledge of nodejs environment how package runs

Web3JS Highlevel Calls Process

Web3JS in browser calls contract API executed in blockchain networks

Client Browser > React Code --|Web3.js code --- Contract Code-- MachineByte Code -- Ethereum Blockchain